Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pantry Shelf

In our 2nd apartment we had a pantry closet that was trying to be a coat closet instead; it had no shelves except for the one above the hanging bar. Since we lived in an apartment and needed that storage space Andrew decided to design a shelf that would fit in that closet. That is the tall, narrow 3 shelf piece you see in the picture. This was awesome and I really enjoyed helping putting it all together. Then in the 3rd apartment we lived in we had a similar problem with the pantry area except it was a long closet more like a bedroom closet. So we added the longer shorter piece to our custom shelf. In that particular place we had our extra tupperware type dishes in a green & pink trunk that served as a shelf underneath the taller shelf.

The shelf is 2x4's and the wire shelving that you can get at any hardware store. We just screwed it all together. It's pretty easy to assemble and disassemble.

Currently it is as pictured and being used as an external extension of our pantry. We are contemplating bringing back the green & pink trunk and putting our bulk flour, sugar & etc. in it and using it as a shelf again.

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