Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Craft Night - Crafts I Made

My friend Amanda and I put together a craft night and it was a success. I ended up making some bath salts, an FHE Board, Christmas Countdown Blocks and some Large Dice. Although I only worked on the Christmas Countdown Blocks on the actual craft night and Amanda is the one who actually made my FHE board, it was the example so it had to be done beforehand.

We're planning another craft night with more fun and different crafts for September 29th. Let me know if you're interested in doing some of our crafts. :) 

Unfinished No More

I decided a few weeks ago that our back bedroom/my craft room would be Peter's new bedroom when Baby Girl comes. I also decided that since I had a bunch of leftover paint from painting Peter's room that his new room would be the same color. That means that I have moved my craft room into our office and now just have a craft area. I found a desk on craigslist for a good price that was perfect for the new craft area. Since I have move my craft supplies to a more central area I am more inclined to do something with them. 

For the past few days I have been completing previously started projects. So far I have completed: a pair of Christmas pajama pants for Peter (intended for last Christmas, they fit him perfectly right now), burp cloths, a St. Patrick's day sign, a cube pillow, a set of large wooden dice, a basket liner, a shopping cart cover, I hung my FHE board and I have started working on a Christmas present. 

There are quite a few more projects on my list to be completed including: refinishing a dining table and 6 chairs and painting 4 other chairs, two aprons, some mending, a pocket bag, a t-shirt quilt, a nap time roll with Peter's name on it, a nursing cover, decorating Peter's new room and the nursery, painting some wooden signs and frames and make and hang curtains and valance boxes (I can't think of the proper name for them right now) in the kitchen and living room.

Peter's PJ's

Modeling his PJ's and playing with his new pool at the same time

All I had to do was sew the elastic and close it up and finish the leg holes

I have two baskets exactly the same and I finished the cover for one AGES ago and cut the pieces out for the second one and never put it together.

Peter's showing what baskets are really made for

We did these at our last craft night and as an afterthought I decided to do some for Peter, he LOVES them!

The lighting is a bit weird in this picture. All I had to do to finish this was to glue the shamrock on, put the wire on and seal the paint.

A cube pillow for Andrew to watch TV on

I made a TON of these before Peter was born and got tired of sewing them with only 5 left. 

Doesn't it look so nice in our living room?