Friday, November 13, 2009

Old Dress is New Again!

I had asked my friend Kim for suggestions on how to fix my dress disaster and after I decided to go to Washington for my cousin's wedding I figured that I would just take the dress with me and have her help me in person. That's exactly what I did!

After the middle picture was taken I took the collar off and took the dress in in the sleeves and on the sides. So it looked better but not as good as it does in the bottom picture.

I still need to make a 2" sash to be the belt but otherwise it's done.


After & Before

Semi-Final After
(Just imagine the white around the waist 1" wider)

Peter's Dragon Costume

Weeks before Halloween I decided that I was going to make Peter's costume and he was going to be a dragon. I used a sleeper pajama pattern and modified it to make it a dragon. At first I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to do it so I mailed the fleece and the pattern to WA so I could work on it with my Mom while I was up there. We actually finished it just in time to go trick or treating with my friend Kim. The glue on the googly eyes was still drying so they actually came off while we were trick or treating luckily Kim had super glue at her house so I was able to glue the eyes back on before we headed over to my Mom's church Halloween party.

I used green, brown and white anti-pill fleece. The green was bought specifically for the dragon costume and the brown was a remnant @ JoAnn's and the white was scraps from a previous project. My friend Kim had some spare bumpy fabric for the bottom of the feet and it still needs snaps over the zipper and the base of the hood. My mom had this spool of stay stiff fabric stuff that we sandwiched inside the toes and the spines on the back.

There was very little modification needed to make the dragon. I left out the elastic around the ankle and added the hood, the spines, the tail and the toes and that's it. We did have some major brain farts when it came to sewing the spines on though. We sewed the spines on first and then sewed the pieces together and we had issues remembering which way they needed to go to poke out when turned right side out. :)

I think that it would have been finished faster if I had just sat down and done it but there were multiple interruptions including a day of me and an awful sinus headache. Otherwise it was quick and easy.

I need to put it back on him and take some better pictures; I'm thinking some of him standing on his own and also crawling around in it.


Back with hood

My ferocious dragon

Check out that awesome tail!