Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Baby Sewing is DONE!

I finally got around to starting and finishing my sewing projects for this baby, who is still hiding in my belly.

I made the cradle bedding for the cradle my mother-in-law gave me. This included the mattress, sheets and bumper. There are two white sheets I didn't take a picture of that I made from a crib sheet that didn't fit my crib mattress. The mattress cover is made from white tablecloth vinyl and the pad is foam I got at Joann's and cut to fit. I got the pre-cut bumper pad foam for the bumpers and had to cut them down to fit in the cradle. For the bumper outer I made a big tube and stuffed the pads in and then sewed creases at the corners so it would be one continuous piece. I used bias tape for the ties and I LOVE how it turned out.

The cradle all ready for baby

Even though this is our second boy I wanted to make some new baby paraphernalia for him. One thing I didn't have with Peter, but I did with Josie was the car seat cover blanket. I think whoever thought them up is a genius. I couldn't very well carry a boy around in Josie's pretty pink cover so I went on the search for some boyish fabric. I recently found a group on facebook where you can destash fabric you don't want anymore and I found this Alexander Henry fabric that I just loved. I even went back and bought more after it came just so I could make more fun baby stuff with it. I did the car seat cover, a boppy cover and a nursing cover. I really like how they all turned out. I finally finished the car seat blanket and the nursing cover last night. The boppy cover has been done for a while. The nursing cover is actually a bit longer than anticipated because while laying it out to cut I discovered that I could get three full horizontal rows of the geometric pattern on the cover, otherwise I would have cut one in half. It's just a single layer of fabric, I debated on lining it but decided that here in AZ this baby doesn't need any extra heat on him while nursing.

One side of the reversible car seat cover

The other side of the car seat cover

The boppy cover

The nursing cover

Now all I need is this baby to come so he can reap the benefits of all my hard work.