Monday, July 25, 2011

I am a Child of God

My friend Amanda gave me the vinyl saying for Josie's babyshower WAY back in September and I made the sign sometime in January or February and I finally hung the sign a few days ago. I'm such a slacker! You can't really tell in this picture (because it was taken with my phone) but the vinyl is a fun magenta color, just like the frames and clock and various other things I bought to decorate Josie's room with. So far this and the clock are the only things that I've hung up. But soon I will finish. I also had Amanda cut one in blue for Peter's room and the sign is chilling in my office/craft room. 

For both Peter's and Josie's signs I found the already cut MDF boards in the $0.51 bin at the Home Depot. All I needed to do was sand, clean then paint them. I painted 2 or 3 coats of the white paint on each side of the board because MDF soaks the paint right up. I used a low nap roller and satin latex paint. Then I used my laser level as a guide to get the letters on straight and just stuck it on. There are two sawtooth hangers on the back to hang it up. SO easy! SO happy to finally have at least one of them hung up.