Saturday, August 22, 2009

Previously Unphotographed Artifacts

I made this blanket for Eliana a few years ago for Christmas and I had forgotten to take a picture and then it was temporarily lost. While we were up visiting at the beginning of this month I was informed that it had been found. I was really excited because this is the best blanket that I have made to date.

I finally got a picture!

The kids didn't think it was right to take a picture of a blanket with no people in it. :)

That's Archie, Eliana, Kaela & Peter, such cute cousins.

I made a teddy bear for Kaela a few years ago for her birthday and I never got a picture of it either. I really like the yarn that I used for it; it's super soft & fuzzy. The bear's ears are a little low and I'm not very good at embroidering faces but all in all I say it's not too bad for a first attempt at a teddy bear.

Bear lying down.

Bear sitting up.