Monday, January 3, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like a Bookcase

Today Andrew and I went to Home Depot and bought enough MDF and backer board to build these bookcases. We kept them the same width but made them a few inches taller so they are an even 7' tall. They are going to replace the current bookcases in our office. I'm so excited because I will finally have enough shelf space for all my books and Andrew's excited because he gets to use one of his Christmas presents (it makes the grooves in the boards to make stronger joints) and his power tools. When they are all done and painted and we're ready to put them in the office we will paint the office. We didn't paint it when we did the rest of the front rooms because we really didn't want to move desks and books. Now we will have to move everything anyway. 

So, funny story: the original plan was to buy 1"x12"x8' boards but they were $13 a pop and we needed 10 so Andrew suggested using MDF instead which comes in 4'x8' sheets which were $30 each but we only needed 3. I was pretty sure they weren't going to fit in our van and Andrew thought they would. So we get out to our car and we had to push the driver's seat all the way forward with the back fully upright and I had to take the head rest off so I could have a little room just to find out that the door won't close. So Andrew had to go back into the store and have them rip the sheets into 12" boards for us. After that I was able to put my seat back to normal.

I bought some brown paint with the intention of painting my Ikea chairs brown... I'm still going to that someday... But I think that the brown will go nicely with the yellow color in office (the same yellow that my living room is painted). I'm also going to make an apron rack to hang in my dining room and it's going to be that brown and I think I'm finally going to paint my spice rack too. AND I think we will have enough scraps and paint leftover to make one of these.

1st bookcase with no top

The rest of the MDF & backer board for the bookcases

The work station


Kymy said...

Gotta love Ana White/Knock Off Wood!!!!! I can't wait to see what they look like when they are all done & hear about Andrew's opinion of his gift :)


Morgan said...

So far he really likes his dado blade kit. He keeps on thinking of new ways to use it. He said he wants to make a groove for the backer board to slide into the back of the shelves.