Thursday, October 9, 2014

Josie's "Zander's Hoodie"

Earlier this summer I was able to test a pattern for my good friend Kymy over at EYMM. I've had this super cute sweatshirt fleece in my stash for a while now but didn't have any plans or specific ideas for it. So when Kymy did a tester call for a girl's version of Zander's Hoodie I knew exactly what I was going to use. 

I haven't really done a lot of sewing lately so this was a good refresher for me. I had a bugger of a time lining up the zipper and the stripes on the pockets, so it's not perfect but I still love how it turned out. Josie loves it too. Although if you look through the pictures she got tired of being a model. It was a warm day, much too warm to be wearing a hoodie.