Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Car Seat Canopy Blanket

I have been wanting to make one of these for some time now. I discovered with Peter that I really didn't like the built in canopy of my infant car seat. It never stayed up and was just all around annoying. I have just been using a blanket which works but is also annoying it never stays on and if the wind is particularly windy it blows all over the place. So a few months ago my friend Carolyn gave me some super cute fabric that was perfect for a canopy blanket. I found a tutorial and cut out the fabric back in January. My mother-in-law helped me make my own bias tape, which I had never done before, and I quickly sewed it on. It sat until yesterday because I've been so busy and we've all taken our turns being sick. I took off the bias tape and refolded it and got to work. It looks SO much better and I actually finished what I started. :) Here are my pictures. It's reversible and that didn't take too much extra effort but is a nice perk. 

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