Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Sewing/Crafting Goals/Projects

  • Finish Peter’s fitted sheets
  • Finish Grandma Lercher’s t-shirt quilt
  • Make Peter’s bedroll
  • Make a car seat cover blanket (or two)
  • Make the diaper inserts
  • Refresh the diapers
  • Do the hemming and mending
  • Make my t-shirt quilt
  • Make fleece blankets
  • Make front room curtains
  • Make Halloween costumes
  • Make Christmas pajama pants
  • Paint the spice rack
  • Finish painting Josie’s letters
  • Hang Josie’s letters
  • Hang the I am a Child of God signs
  • Fix the “Be” tile
  • Build and paint shelves
  • Plan the next craft night
  • Refinish and sell dining sets
  • Paint the step stool
  • Make an apron holder
  • Make Josie’s first year frame
  • Make birthday cards
  • Make toddler kitchen tower
  • Paint the office
  • Paint the laundry room
  • Touch up paint in the kitchen
  • Make a chore chart
  • Make a menu board
  • Make 2 growth charts
  • Hang the Family board

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Wow! That's a lot. It's kinda fun to see the things I'll be helping you with on the list, though. :)