Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Grocery Bag Holder

In our last apartment I was really tired of all the plastic grocery bags and wanted to put them somewhere but didn't know where. So I searched online and found a tutorial (I'm not sure if this is the same tutorial but it's very similar) that showed me how to make a grocery bag holder from a kitchen towel . The main difference from what the tutorial shows and what I did is: I sewed wide elastic directly to the top and bottom of the towel and didn't make a pocket for it. The only thing that I don't particularly like about my holder is I don't have a way to hang it up, it just hangs out on the floor under my extension pantry.

This was so easy to make and I had all of the things that I needed on hand, so I was able to complete this project the same night I decided to make it. It's nice to have that instant gratification with a project every once in a while.

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