Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nursing Cover AKA Hooter Hider

I saw my sister-in-law Megan nursing her son with one of these and thought that they were a great idea. So about 3 weeks ago I went online and searched for a tutorial to make one and I found a really awesome and easy to follow tutorial here.

Mine turned out great and I'm planning on making a couple more. I think it's a good idea to have multiples of things that baby can get dirty.

These are the fabrics that were in my stash that I chose to choose from. I am probably not going to use the top right corner or the bottom left corner fabrics.

Here I am modeling my finished product. You can't really tell that the top is staying open so I can peek in on the little one while it's eating.

Since you couldn't see the opening when I was wearing it, I hung it up on the wall to better illustrate how the top stays open.

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