Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Bag for Lauren

I am the hugest slacker ever. I started this bag AGES ago and finally finished it last week. I used this awesome tutorial and real denim and some super cute pink skulls and crossbones fabric that matches her nursing cover. If I remember correctly from SO long ago Lauren's specific request was to have a drawstring backpack type bag. She also wanted to reuse some back pockets from old jeans she had hanging around. I finished the bag until it was almost done so she could sew the pockets on without interfering with the liner then she gave the bag back and I completely finished it. One thing that I didn't think about is how stiff new denim is... So the drawstring almost closes all the way after a few washes. Ooops! It's at least to a point where it mostly closes now so she can wear it as a backpack. So without further ado here are the pictures of the finished product.

The inside of the bag.

The front of the bag. 

The back of the bag.

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