Monday, October 25, 2010

Recent Sewing Completions

Lately I've been finishing sewing projects. It's nice to be able to mark things off my list. My main priority was getting Peter's monkey costume finished in time for Halloween. Last year I finished with less than an hour before it was time to go. I really didn't want to do that this time around so here's the monkey with no little monkey in it. :) He likes to play with it more than he likes to wear it. Hopefully that will change this Friday at the church party. 

I took a pattern for footie pajamas and left the feet off and just added the hood, tail and front spot. It's actually the same PJ pattern that I used last year for his dragon. I'll be sure to post pictures of him wearing soon.

Monkey front

 Monkey back

The next project that I finished is this nursing cover. I actually cut out all the pieces LAST October and finally got around to putting it all together after I finished the monkey. I modified the tutorial I used for the other nursing covers to make a lined nursing cover. The piece of flannel I wanted to use wasn't quite tall enough so I added the green to the top and the bottom and the back is the same green fabric. I think I'm really going to like using this cover.

The nursing cover

Last but not least is the fitted crib sheet for Peter's bed. He was using the neutral sheets I made for the nursery. I have only finished this one but I've got the 2nd one cut out and ready to go. I was having a few issues with straight lines and it being late at night so I stopped while I was ahead and will finish the next time Peter's sleeping. I modified my friend's tutorial since the mattresses we have are half the thickness of standard crib mattresses. I think I may go back to this sheet and tighten it up a bit.

At first I was looking for a larger sheet set to cut up to make the sheets but the ones I bought I returned because they weren't quite the right color I was looking for. So one day I happened to be at JoAnn's and found the perfect color fabric in the quilting broad cloth section.

The sheet on Peter's bed

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