Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baby Blankets for Abi, Lyla and Aelyn

I realized while getting ready to post about baby Aelyn's blanket that I haven't posted about the blankets Kjerstin and I made for baby Abi and baby Lyla. So here's all three blankets, kind of. 

Last Christmas Andrew, Peter and I visited Aaron & Kjerstin in Dallas. While we were there Kjerstin and I decided that we should make blankets for the then unborn Abi and Lyla. We picked out the fabric at Hobby Lobby (I love their stuff!) and got to work. We picked purple and yellow for Lyla's blanket and green and pink for Abi's. 

I was shopping at Walmart the other day when I noticed the brown and pink fabric and it was so nice and soft that I had to buy it and decided that it would be perfect for a baby blanket for Aelyn. Although between December and now I had forgotten what a pain satin is to deal with. Oh well. I think they all turned out nice. :)

Somehow we managed to forget to take a picture of Lyla's actual blanket but we got one of the scraps

I got Tara to take pictures of the actual blanket. 

The back

The front

The super cute invaders that made taking the above pictures all the more special.

Here are the colors for Abi's blanket

Abi's blanket completed

Side one of Aelyn's blanket

Side two of Aelyn's blanket

See how nice they look together?

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