Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bookcases All Done!

So we finally finished the bookcases and brought them into our room. They look so good. Andrew did a really good job making them. We were originally going to put them into our office but decided to put them in our master bedroom instead. It's almost like we designed them to go in our bedroom. It goes bookcase, nightstand, bed (not pictured because it wasn't made), nightstand, bookcase. I'm so happy I don't have baskets of books all over the floor in our room anymore. There's plenty of room for more books now too. I also have a lot more room on my side of the bed now. Our room wasn't designed to be centered on that wall though we can tell because the door to the bathroom and closet isn't centered on the opposite wall. It's much more obvious now that everything is centered on the wall.

My bookcase

Andrew's bookcase

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Amanda said...

Congrats on getting it done and everything put away! Awesome how it just fits together.