Thursday, June 25, 2009

I JUST Finished a Sleep Sack!!!

I got this awesome super soft fabric at Joann's as a remnant (less than a yard and half price!!) and I was really excited (it is usually really expensive. Anyways... I cut out the pieces maybe 2 weeks ago and I was all gung ho about getting started when I discovered that I didn't have a green zipper that would go well with the fabric. :( So last week I went with my friend Lauren to help her pick out fabric for some baby stuff I'm going to make for her little bun in the oven and found the perfect color zipper. So tonight after feeding the missionaries and putting Peter to bed and then getting sucked in by Bejeweled Blitz I got to sewing. So... TA DA!!!! Check out the cool sleep sack I made for Peter. I still need to put the snap on the flap that goes over the zipper, but other than that it is done. I will probably have to wash it before he wears it though, otherwise he will come out of it covered in lots of light green fuzz. :) I will also take a picture of him wearing it tomorrow. Andrew says in Holland they put toddlers in these so that they can't climb out of bed.

Sorry for the rambling, but sometimes it's nice to ramble. :)

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